Frequently Asked Questions

What is a public adjuster?
A public adjuster is a licensed adjuster that is hired by an individual or business to negotiate the highest settlement possible on a property damage claim or business interruption claim.

Why should I hire a public adjuster if my insurance company has already assigned me an adjuster?
The insurance adjuster that your insurance company has assigned to your claim works for your insurance compa
ny; therefore that adjuster has their best interest in mind. Dell Insurance Claims Service will work diligently for you, to get you the highest settlement amount possible. Often, claims that are not settled by a public adjuster fall short in compensating the policyholder for their loss.

Why can’t I just file the claim myself?
You can, but it is not recommended. Insurance policies tend to be filled with complicated language and technical terms that make it very difficult to understand. DICS only work with the most skilled, seasoned and experienced public adjusters. Our expert public adjusters will take care of the entire insurance claim process for you. It is proven that public adjusters can negotiate a higher settlement amount than if you were to file the claim yourself.

I have already settled my claim but I did not receive enough money to cover the damages. Is it too late to try to get more money?
Maybe, Maybe not. The rules are different in each state. Our public adjusters will review your claim to see if you legally qualify for more money. If you do, it is our pledge to recover every single penny you are entitled to.

How much money does a public adjuster cost?
By law, public adjusters can only get paid if they are able to
recover a settlement from your insurance company. Public adjusters charge a small percentage of the settlement they recover for you. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

If I hire a public adjuster will my insurance company raise my rates or drop me?
If your insurance company decided to drop you or raise your rates because you hired a public adjuster, it would be a serious violation. You are legally protected when you hire a public adjuster. It is your right.

Who can benefit from a public adjuster?
Any property owner, be it business or residential, that has sustained damage due to fire, tornado, hurricane, wind, water, mold, theft, vandalism, etc. can benefit from the service that Trusted Adjusters provide. In addition, if you are experiencing business interruption, you are entitled to recover your losses.

What is business interruption?
When a disaster strikes your business location, the location may be temporarily unusable. Your business will not be producing income and may continue to incur fixed costs (rent, utilities, etc.). Standard property insurance does not cover the loss of income caused by the temporary closure of the business. This is where Business Interruption coverage is applied. Most commercial policies contain some sort of this coverage.

Business interruption coverage typically covers:

  • The income your business would have made during the period your business location is unusable.
  • The costs and expenses incurred by your business even though the location is unusable.
  • Costs incurred in having to move and operate to and from a temporary location.

The most important aspect of professionally adjusting your commercial insurance claim is properly calculating the financial loss due to business interruption. It could mean the difference between losing your business and starting again right where you left off.

This also includes any loss of rent from a leased property to the landlord.

This part of the claim is often overlooked and underpaid because the policyholder usually does not realize that they have business interruption coverage and if they are aware, they are uncertain as to how to calculate the actual loss.
Dell Insurance Claims Service have years of experience recovering lost income due to business interruption.

Are all Dell Insurance Claims Service Public Adjusters licensed?
Yes. All of our public adjusters are licensed and bonded. In addition, all of our adjusters must take state examinations and continue their education with classes pertaining to new laws of insurance companies, policyholders and handling of claims.

When should I call Dell Insurance Claims Service?
If you have suffered some type of property damage to your home or business, you should first contact your insurance company. If you are experiencing business interruption as a result of the damage to your property, you should call your insurance company. Your very next call should be to Dell Insurance Claims Service. We will be able to provide you with the most benefit if we are involved with your insurance claim from the very beginning of your loss.