Our Services

Dell Insurance Claims Service advice and assist policyholders in to properly document and present their claim to the insurance company, as the insurance policy puts the burden of proof on the insured to justify their loss.  Dell Insurance Claims Service provides Public Adjuster Service to Homeowners, Condo Associations and Business Owners mainly is Broward County, Miami Dade County and Palm Beach County.  Although we are licensed to operate anywhere is the State of Florida, most of our business is concentrated in these three counties.

Services includes:

Free Consultation – Dell Insurance Claims Service offer a Free in home consultation and Policy analysis to determine your coverage and benefits.

Damage Assessment – Dell Insurance Claims Service assess your damage is see if your loss is worth claiming in the first place and to how to maximize your recovery if you have a genuine claim.

Prepare Estimate – Dell Insurance Claims Service prepare a detailed estimate and inventory of your loss.

Present Claim – Dell Insurance Claims Service present your claim to the insurance company in a way that minimize the rick of denial and maximize your recovery.

Negotiate with Insurance Company – Dell Insurance Claims Service negotiate with the insurance company and their Adjusters to secure the highest settlement possible and allowable under your policy. 

Reopen Claims– Dell Insurance Claims Service will reopen your claim if we feel you were not fairly compensated.  We have helped several Homeowners recover additional money from their insurance companies. 
Here are a few examples: Insurance Company paid Margaret C of Miramar $4,638.51; Dell Insurance Claims recovered an additional $45,623.68 for insured:
Insurance Company paid Vincent C of Margate $4,586.74; Dell Insurance Claims recovered an additional $27,000 for insured.
Insurance Company paid Dorothy S of Miramar $10,079.26; Dell Insurance Claims recovered an additional $22,780.54 for insured after Appraisal of the loss. Insurance Company paid Fagan of Oakland Park $504.52 for a Hurricane Wilma claim; Dell Insurance Claims recovered an additional $37,687.05 for insured.

Weather it’s an old claim or a new problem like a drain pipe back up, call Dell Insurance Claims first.  Dell Insurance Claims has almost a 100% success rate in handling drain pipe claims.  This is one of the most difficult claims to handle.  You need to call Dell Insurance Claims first at: (954) 584-8421

10th Anniversary 10% Discount
Barrington Guthrie celebrates his 10th anniversary as a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster on November 13, 2013 and to mark the occasion Dell Insurance Claims Service is offering a 10% discount off the regular consulting fee all of November.  Call Dell Insurance Claims Service today at (954) 584-8421 for a free consultation and a 10% discount off all services during November, 2013.