Clovis Forde, Founder of Milestone Sound

MileStone Sound has been a dream of mine for many years, ever since listening and being a part of the award winning IMAGE DISCO 1974-1975. That sound has never left my ears, back in the 70's every system had it's own unique sound, as a member of the award winning SOUL TRAIN Dance Group in Jamaica, my friends and I found Image Disco delivered the purest in sound quality, a clean top-end, clear mid and a solid bass.

MileStone Sound is an extention of IMAGE DISCO. MileStone was developed with a keen sense of quality and definition in sound. As the founder of MileStone I have been in and around music for more than 40 years. Being a member of the top dance group in Duhaney Park, Kingston, Jamaica; The SOUL TRAIN Dance group, it allowed me to perform with many of the top and up coming artist at the time. The group performed at The Carib, Ward, and Odeon Theatres, The Jamaica House Grounds, The Pegasus Hotel and many other places including the then popular JBC TV Show, "WHERE IT'S AT". By the way, I can still drop some legs!!!!!! Music is my passion, and as the Legend Bob  Marley says, " When it hits you feel no pain".

We at MileStone are committed to keep the good music alive, such as Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Disco and Soul. Special thanks to those who helped to make this possible. The IMAGE crew: Orville Case (Bagga), Dennis Shanks and Barry Image. ZANN (Zann Enclosure), Tracy of Stone Love, the Clarke brothers, Howard (Charlie) and Ashbourne (AK), Neville Thompson (Manley Mr. Suspicion), Raymond Marshall formerly of RJR, Trevor Levy- Road Star Disco, Errol Marsh-DJ Cancer and bonified brethrens in NY. Aston Shaw (Worm) and Ludlow Anthony Wilson (Jab).

Mission Statement: MileStone is committed to provide the best quality in sound. Music from 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's

Dance group pictures were taken at the Carib Theatre 1975, music by The Third World Band. Group members are Winston Carmichael, Neville Thompson, Clovis Forde and Ludlow Anthony Wilson.

This Gold Medal was awarded in 1974 for first place in a dance competition at the Little Theatre, Jamaica. We danced to Kool & the Gang, Jungle Boogie. 

The EL SUZIE award is for dance group of the year 1975-1976. Music was by the Titans Band of The Bohemia Night Club.

This certificate was awarded in August 1975 at The Ward Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica.